We would like to congratulate 2009 Practice Change Fellow Alice Bonner. She was recruited for a senior position with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). This position will be in Survey and Certification as the director of the nursing home division for the nation. Alice felt that she could not pass up this opportunity to make a positive difference in nursing home quality for the entire country

People In The News

2009 Fellow Randi Berkowitz's article titled "Better-informed patients can help cut costs, study shows" was published in USA Today on June 13, 2011. The article discusses the gap in services for patients experiencing dangerous behavior issues associated with dementia.

Advisory Board Member Ellen Aliberti's article titled "A Collaborative Approach for the Care Management of Gerospychiatric Services" was published in the March/April 2011 edition of Professional Case Management. The article discusses the gap in services for patients experiencing dangerous behavior issues associated with dementia.

Advisory Board Member Danielle Butin was featured in the March 2011 issue of Family Circle. The article titled "Global Good Health" highlights how Danielle is changing international healthcare through her organization Afya.

Fellow Gail Silver received the The New York Times Nursing Leadership Award. Partners in Care Foundation (PICF) received the National Council on Aging 2010 Jack Ossofsky Award, which was presented to PICF CEO and PCF Advisory Board member June Simmons.

The American Medical Directors Association named Advisory Board member Robert Schreiber the 2010 Medical Director of the Year.

Former Fellow Illaina Edison was interviewed by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Saul Friedman for his weekly blog about depression in the elderly .

Fellow Audrey Chun appeared on the January 12, 2010 episode of The Martha Stewart Show which featured information on healthy aging and the future of geriatric care.

In an October 2009 issue, The Rivertowns Enterprise featured an article about the efforts of The Afya Foundation of America, founded by Advisory Board member Danielle Butin.

Fellow Amy Minnich, was interviewed by Today's Caregiver for an October 2009 article on Rural Caregiving.

The Kresge Foundation awarded MetroHealth Medical Center a $1 million grant. This grant will support the Senior Health & Wellness Center, of which Fellow James Campbell is the director.

The Maine Hospice Council awarded the 2009 Joe Mayo Award to Fellow Elizabeth Hart at their Annual Meeting on June 18th, 2009. This award is given for extraordinary commitment, effort, and achievement in end-of-life care.

The June 1, 2009 edition of the Akron Beacon Journal featured a story on 2007 Fellow Kyle Allen's PCF project.

Fellow Rosemary Laird, along with Leeza Gibbons and Dr. Jamie Huysman, co-authored the book Take Your Oxygen First, which provides practical advice on how caregivers and their families can and must take care of their own physical, emotional and spiritual needs in order to give better care to loved ones suffering with a memory loss disorder.

The New York State Governor's Office announced that it awarded one of 12 grants to support physical activity to Fellow Lisa Ferretti and her Healthy Hearts on the Hill project at the University of Albany.

The Healthy Hearts on the Hill project, led by Fellow Lisa Ferretti, recieved a Legacy Grant to support a Biggest Winner" competition, aimed at improving health in the community through exercise, nutritional choices, and access to health care.

Fellows Kyle Allen, James Campbell, and Rosemary Laird, were featured in the December 11, 2008 HealthLeaders Magazine article "Here Come the Seniors".

Fellow Jude Rabig contributed the chapter "The Effects of Empowered Work Teams in the Green House Project" to the 2008 book Empowered Work Teams in Long Term Care.

The Portland, Oregon WCSH evening news interviewed Fellow Elizabeth Hart about a workshop she held for the Area Agency on Aging to educate Family Caregivers about End of Life Care for people with dementia.

A survey analyzed by Fellow Lisa Ferretti is the focus of the article Survey: West Hill Feels Unsafe, published in the September 27, 2008 Albany Times Union.

A House Is Not A Home: Keeping Patients At The Center Of Practice Redesign, by Advisory Board members Robert Berenson and Dave Gans was published in the September/October 2008 issue of Health Affairs, and featured in the Commonwealth Fund's "In the Literature" section.

Fellow Eran Metzger received an IMPACT Technical Assistance Implementation Award which he will use to introduce the IMPACT model to the Urban Medical Group, a non-profit medical practice serving elderly and vulnerable patients in outpatient, home, and nursing home settings in the Jamaica Plain region of Boston.

Executive Director Eric Coleman testified before the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging during the July 23, 2008 hearing on Person-Centered Care: Reforming Services and Bringing Older Citizens Back to the Heart of Society . A written transcript of Dr. Coleman's testimony is also available.
* Please note, Real Player is required to view the video in the link above; free downloads are available at www.real.com

Advisory Board member Richard Della Penna discussed coordinated care models for Alzheimer's patients in a report in the March/April 2008 issue of AHIP Coverage.

The March 24, 2008 issue of New York Times featured an article on The Afya Foundation of America, founded by Advisory Board member Danielle Butin.

Advisory Board member Judith Black was quoted in a March 2008 Washington Post article on the decline in number of practicing geriatricians.

"Depression among Older Adults with Dementia: Double Trouble", by Fellow Eran Metzger was published in the January/February 2008 issue of Geriatrics and Aging.

Fellow Kyle Allen has been elected to serve a 2-year term on the National Council on Aging's (NCOA's) Leadership Council. Established in 2004, the Leadership Council is an advisory group of thought leaders who counsel the NCOA Board and senior management on key strategic, programmatic, and policy issues, and connect NCOA with other organizations to help further the organization's mission. Among other things, the Leadership Council has advised NCOA on building a robust network of organizations and individuals; building momentum and strengthening advocacy capability; and addressing critical needs and opportunities related to the aging of America and long-term and chronic care needs. Leadership Council members serve on the Council for rotating terms of 1, 2, or 3 years.

Fellow Jane Bavineau ws featured as one of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's "Grantee Profiles" in December 2007, for her work finding long-term solutions to needs posed by the Age Wave in the greater Houston area.

Fellow Lisa A. Ferretti was interviewed for an August 2007 "Consumer Reports on Health" article on multiple chronic ailments.
Lisa also spoke about her Practice Change Fellows project, Healthy Hearts on the Hill, during a September 2007 PBS episode of "It's An Age Thing". Healthy Hearts on the Hill recently began recruitment efforts at the annual Carnival on the Hill event.

A publication by Fellow Jude Rabig about the National Green House® Project was featured in the Commonwealth Fund's December 2006"In the Literature" section. Click here for the PDF version of the full article as it appeared in The Gerontologist.